Decline in Abortions ‘Stalled’


[object Object]Prior to the Guttmacher Institute’s release of their latest survey of abortion data in the United States, AUL reviewed a copy and found a striking result: following a change in Planned Parenthood’s business model, the decline in the number and rate of abortions “stalled.”

AUL’s analysis found that Planned Parenthood’s emphasis on chemical abortions and “mega clinics” in urban areas are factored into why the long-term national decline in abortion rates has recently “stalled.”

Guttmacher admits that looking only at the relatively small change in national numbers “masks substantial changes in some states.” Data historically shows the regulation of abortion has a direct impact on abortion rates. However, the Guttmacher report fails to examine changes in state legislation regulating abortion.

AUL is the industry leader in drafting legislation at the state and federal level. Dr. Charmaine Yoest, who was widely quoted in national coverage of Guttmacher’s report, said that AUL’s model legislation on regulation of chemical abortions “is a ground-breaking tool for reigning in deadly drugs.”

But there is another, more effective legislative prescription for a rising abortion rate: Defund Planned Parenthood.

“Almost 70 percent of Americans – pro-life and pro-choice – agree that tax dollars should not support abortion,” said Yoest. “In the Guttmacher data we see the tragic result of an aggressive abortion industry.”

Visit for more analysis of the Guttmacher data. And click here for more information on AUL’s model legislation.

Editor Note: I heard twice in the last couple days that 41% of pregnancies in NYC results in the slaughter of the unborn.

Something to pray over……

2 responses to “Decline in Abortions ‘Stalled’

  1. “Planned Parenthood’s business model.”

    Businesses thrive by providing goods and services that people want. This is a business and there will be no change until people decide they are no longer interested in the services Planned Parenthood provides. That’s not gonna happen. After all, they push oral contaceptives and condoms for birth control, but if that fails…just get rid of the evidence. They do nothing but increase the acceptance of sensuality and taboo behavior which eventually causes the complete break down of the family unit. AND, they are purposely targeting certain ethnic groups whom they see as less than human.

    They try to tell the population that contraceptive use will decrease abortion. Really? So why haven’t we seen that effect yet? All smoke and mirrors.

    On one hand, I blame Planned Parenthood for their deceptive propaganda. On the other, I blame people as each is responsible for his own actions.



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