God’s Revelation

Revelation. . .is public, not private. It is public in the sense that God’s primary locus of communication is not within the self nor are his intentions accessed by intuition. He has spoken, and he continues to speak, through the words of Scripture which constitute the Word of God. This revelation however, is anchored by events within the redemptive narrative by which God called out to himself a people, led them, persevered them, judged them, and finally brought the promise he had made to them into final and full revelation in Christ. this is a history which took place apart from human consciousness, and not within the human psyche, and though it has to be understood and interpreted, its meaning is always objective to the interpreter. It has to be understood solely on its own terms. The Holy Spirit who inspired Scripture is also its privileged interpreter, which means that the content of Scripture is not subject to being overridden by the interests of the interpreter, or those of a later culture, or those of an ecclesiastical tradition. – David F. Wells, Above all Earthly Powers

2 responses to “God’s Revelation

  1. Yes. I often hear that the Bible has many interpretations. That anyone can interpret it any way they want and that’s why christians can’t agree on anything.

    However, as pointed out in this article, the Bible says the same thing…consistantly. While the same verse can mean multiple things, one thing isn’t discounted by the other nor contradicted by the other because the scripture interprets itself and since God can’t go against Himself, neither will what He has revealed to us as written and interpreted by the Holy Spirit.

    Men however, who choose to interpret scripture in light of their own minds…or the human psyche as this exerpt puts it, will always go wrong and will always cause the division that has now led to the thinking that is is ok for christians to believe many different things. And fast foreward to where we are now…instead of dividing over those different things that we are all speaking…instead of dividing over errors in Biblical interpretation…we are calloused to Biblical truth and now are willing to unite together while keeping our differences. The Absolute Truth as written is now considered flawed, subjective and relative. Open to dialogue.


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