Ode to Evolution

Rearranged pond scum, that is what we are;

Accidental tourists, wandering near and far.

No matter how we think, no matter what we do,

We can’t be held responsible, ‘cause we just came from goo!

So when I burn your house down, or maybe shoot you dead,

My neurons are to blame; I can’t help what’s in my head!

Open up the prison doors, and turn the inmates loose,

No one’s really right or wrong in Darwin’s universe.

You do what’s right for you; I’ll do what’s right for me,

We can tiptoe through the tulips, or go on a killing spree.

When the day is over, and when this life is done,

All that really matters is that everyone had fun!

If you think this ditty silly, or somehow I’ve gone dense,

If we’re really only pond scum, good and evil don’t make sense!

       – Anonymous

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