A Great Ministry Needs Your Help

Many of you know that I have been connected to a Christian ministry (almost 30 years now) that supports men and women in our Armed Forces, linking them up with each other, providing excellent Christian growth resources, and equipping them to be ambassadors for Chrst in the military.
In the years I have been connected to CMF, I’ve had the opportunity to be an integral part of the nimistry as a Local Contact, Local Representative, Area Coordinator and have also served in a leadership  role. Of all the parachurch ministries focused on our men and women in uniform, CMF is among the smallest, and at the same time unique in that the ministry vision is to equip men and women in uniform to be ‘indigenous’ missionaries in uniform.
Years ago, a Chaplain at Ft. Devens invited me and another brother to a men’s breakfast sponsored by a local church of his denomination. He told the men in attendance that we were able to take the message of the Gospel to places where he could/would never set foot. That made a huge impression on me and confirmed to me that rather than attend Bible College and Semainary with an eye to the Chaplaincy was not where God wanted me to be, but as a soldier for Christ I was to remain in the enlisted ranks of US Army Special Forces, from whidh I retired in 1996.
Please take a few minutes to check out Christian Military Fellowship , maybe bceome a part of the CMF family, or even just support the work that they do. Without the support of regular folks like you all, either directly to CMF, or via charitable organization campaigns likt the CFC, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do for out men and women in uniform.
 Feel free to share this with your friends and fiamilies and tThanks for a few moments of your time!

7 responses to “A Great Ministry Needs Your Help

  1. Thank you Born for your commitment to the glory of Christ and for sharing with us through your blogs.
    I didn’t know that you are a military man. I am an absolute pacifist and am against all kind of war except the one described in Ephesians chapter 6. I am personally very much against any kind of militaries anywhere so I can’t thank you for your service, but I trust that you genuinely love God and will pray that God will work in you howsoever He wills wherevere He will.


    • Thanks for your honest comment. I find it interesting that the motto of Special Forces is De Opresso Liber, which mans ‘to liberate the opressed’, exactly what Christ came to do. I have the opportunity to speak to groups for Veteran’s day and usually speak concerning soldiers in scripture, It’s a great topic. While war is indeed exceedingly sinful, as long as there are sinful men there will be war. As long as there are soldiers, there will be a need to take the message of the gospel to them. At times, as experience has shown me countless times, it is one soldier sharing the gospel message with his comrade in arms and helping him grow in the Christian faith. When I look back on my military service, it is usually with fond memories of the strong men of faith with whom I was honored to serve both in temporal terms and in the spiritual warfare for the souls of men. CMF helped prepare me, as well as having learned the ‘art of war’ and the principles of temporal combat that translate well to doing battle for the souls of men.


    • Forgot to mention that neither John the Baptist or Jesus commanded pacifism (leaving military service). War is a by-product of the sin of the Fall and God does seem to take an active role in restraining evil directly, while at the same ordaining government to restrain evil in the world. I would also like to understand your Biblical support for total pacifism. Usually it’s a combination of ‘Thou shalt not kill’ (which actually means murder)and any number of passages that talk about living our neighbor. As long as there are humans there will be war and I am sure that pacifists (most of them) are glad that somebody is in the ‘restraining evil’ role, but just don’t want it to be themselves.


      • Thank you for making clear your position and it is a great thing that God blessed you so much through your military service.
        I am against any kind of war (including just war) because Jesus said that his kingdom is not of this world. I think we all wish (including you) that there were total peace in this world and no need for militaries and armies anywhere, but obviously we don’t have that and the question that comes to my mind from the scriptures is, “If the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalms.11v 3). I think the only safe action is to submit ourselves wholly to the authority of Jesus and intercede for our land. The response I normally get is something not too different from your own take, “God …ordains government to restrain evil directly”, but I will ask, which government? Is it the U.S, North Korea or Iran? Most American Christians fighting in Afghanistan, etc might be of the idea that they fight for peace for God and country, but their country’s motives may not be Godly (I think they never are).
        If all Christians were to presume that their governments fight evil, would not a Christian in North Korea take up arms and be justified in hunting down an American brother.
        I will make it more personal since we are all the family of God; if you were involved in combat and the enemy is a born again Christian like yourself, do you think it is God’s working that you should kill your brother/sister? The possibility of that alone means I will never join any military service.
        I hope you understand that I am not trying to condemn you for your military service. I am probably too strong in my convictions of opposition to war. Ultimately our judgment before God will be based on our actions wherever we were, or on our faith in His Son.
        But on this issue I will take the side of Leonard Ravenhill who I think was a very Godly man:-he said, “Would we send our daughters off to have sex if it would benefit our country? Yet, we send our sons off to kill when we think it would benefit our country!”


        • Ronald,

          Thank you for your heartfelt response. You bring up issues I wrestled with mightlly in prayer when God hauled the prodigal back home. I dealt with every one, and especially concerning kinds of situations where I might have to take another’s life (possibly a Christian), and not necessarily in a firefight between combat usits, but in other more ‘interesting ways’ that might be necessary in an SF mission. I never got the direct answer I wanted but a settled peace that God would not put me in a ‘faith’ compromising position and when the time came for combat of any sort I would do what I need to do as a soldier and not be a liability to my comrades in arms because of conscience concerns. I was a soldier.

          You ask about ‘which government’ will God use to restrain evil, and I think I can honestly reply ‘any government’. God has demonstrated that he will even raise up a pagan nation to punish the evil of his own children (the Israelites), and later take down that nation brutally at the hands of another. He is sov eriegn over all nations, raising them up and taking them down ‘so that they may know that ‘I am God”. Read Ezekiel for the instances of that phrase. It is quite interesting. But I understand your concern.

          War is ugly, brutal, and a product of sin, never to go away until the second coming. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. I sincerely believe with my 20/20 hindsight that God knew exactly when, how, and why he would draw me back home – to be his servant in the profession of arms.

          The ministry of CMF was a big part of that, providing growth and discipleship resource material that I still more profitable than many others I researched, teaching me really good inductive Bible study techniques and equipping me ro be a messenger of the gospel while serving in the military. I actually consider the Chaplaincy, but God made it clear that I was to be ‘boots on the ground’.

          I could probably write a book about what I have seen God do with men for His kingdom while serving in the military, especially in the elite Special Forces.

          Again, I sincereely thank you for your honest and sincere comments in this bolg. Perhaps others will read these things and be built up or have some of their own questions addressed.


  2. I’ve heard of this organization but know very little about them…I’ve first heard about them in the Marines…thanks for the head’s up. By the way, thank you for your service in SF…


    • If I had not been already a prodigal son when I enlisted, It might had all been different, but having served God while in uniform was an honor and a privilege and more than a bit challenging at times. I don’t regret a single day of that service (28 yrs).


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